California Underwater Photos 2007
N.Barnett AKA: Aviddiver.her

N2007.02.05004 N2007.02.05010 N2007.02.05017.2 N2007.02.05034
Cabazon hides on Califonia Reef
(Scorpaenichthys marmoratus)
Cabazon guards his purple eggs
(Scorpaenichthys marmoratus)
Lined Chiton
(Tonicella lineata)
Lingcod in reef crevice
(Ophiodon elongatus)
N2007.02.05035 N2007.02.05087 N2007.02.05098
Lingcod leaves crevice
(Ophiodon elongatus)
Lingcod - Golden variation
(Ophiodon elongatus)
Ling Cod takes in the view
(Ophiodon elongatus)
Fish-eating Urticina
(Urticina piscivora) N2007.05.26.001
Fish-eating Urticina
(Urticina piscivora)
Point Lobos underwater landscape
at Cannery Wall
Jellyfish in Kelp forrest
Horned Aeolid
(Hermissenda crassicornis)
N2007.05.26.002 N2007.05.26.003 N2007.06.21.noon.036 N2007.06.21.noon.110.02
Hermit Crab Couple
Love or War?
Brown Cup Coral
(Paracyanthus stearnsi)
Horned Aeolid
(Hermissenda crassicornis)
Zorro the Diver
When the stars ALMOST align
Anemone on Kelp ball
(Kelp Ball AKA: Kelp Pneumatocyst)
Macro Sunflower star
(Pycnopodia helianthoides)
Hiltons Aeolid
(Phidiana hiltoni)
One Inch Jelly fish with crabs
Symbiosis or food?
One inch Jellyfish with crabs
different angle and closer crop
MacFarland's Chromodorid
(Chromodoris macfarlandi)
Urchin Carpet
San Diego dorid just finished laying eggs
(Diaulula Sandiegensis)
N2007.09.20.083 N2007.09.20.147 N2007. N2007.09.22.021
Kelp pneumatocysts and leaves
Mushroom Sidegill
(Tylodina fungina)
Escargot as Octopus dinner
(snail shell was too big for Octo's den)
San Diego Dorid (color morph)
(Diaulula sandiegensis)
N2007.09.22.026 N2007.09.22.038 N2007.09.22.091 N2007.
Porters Chromodorid
(Mexichromis porterae)
Anemone abstract
Solitary Anemone among Muscle carpet
(Acanthopleura sola)
Aggregating Anemone with Muscles
(Anthopleura elegantissima)
N2007.09.22.110 N2007.09.22.117 N2007.11.12.016 N2007.11.12.025
Solitary Anemone close up
(Acanthopleura sola)
Light Bulb Tunicates
(Clavelina huntsmani)
Festive Tritonid
(Tritonia festiva)
Festive Tritonid
(Tritonia festiva)
N2007.11.12.046 N2007.11.12.063 N2007.11.12.072  
Moon Jelly in Kelp
(Aurelia aurita)
Three Rock Fish hiding in a
menagerie of colorful critters.
Coon-Striped Shrimp
(Pandalus danae)